Local business owners manage hundreds of little details every day that contribute to the success of their businesses—everything from managing inventory to hanging an “open” for business sign in the window.

Smart local business owners also recognize that there are some details that are better left to experts—those companies or consultants that can more efficiently manage difficult and time-consuming tasks, enabling the business owner to focus on his or her core business. Business partners like telecommunications providers and accountants help their local business clients stay current on everything from the latest technology to government regulations and consumer trends.

Managing your business listings information is one of those jobs that is better left in the hands of a reputable business listings management partner.

Leave Business Listings Management to the Experts

A recent study by SinglePlatform from Constant Contact revealed that while 85 percent of small-business respondents believe it’s important to be seen on major search, mobile, and directory sites such as Google, Yahoo, Yelp, and Yellow Pages, 49 percent of small businesses have never updated their online listings, and exactly half have seen listings for their businesses that are not accurate.

Being found in online and mobile searches has become increasingly important to the success of local businesses. Yet, most local business owners lack the time and expertise required to diligently maintain accurate business listings information across numerous search engines and online business directories. Managing your business information across all of those sites can quickly become a full time job.

Have Your Listings Show Up Everywhere

A business listings management partner will syndicate your business information to search sites through the major business data publishers such as Acxiom, Neustar and InfoGroup. The right partner will not only make sure your listing appears everywhere, a reputable service provider will verify and enhance your data, ensuring your business information is accurate and consistent. In addition, you’ll save money by gaining access to wholesale pricing only available through a business listings management partner.

Be Found Locally

When you rely on a business listings management partner you don’t need to keep track of Google’s algorithm updates. And you no longer need a crystal ball to figure out what the next big app is for local search—whether it’s AroundMe, Yelp!, Urbanspoon, Foursquare, or something else, the right business listings management partner will ensure you are found by local searchers.

The smart approach to business listings management is putting it into the hands of a trusted partner who will save you time and money, and deliver the local search results that will put your business in front of local consumers.

In the hands of a trusted partner, business listings management is one task you can move from your lengthy must-do list to your confidently managed list.