Brian Coryat, Founder and CEO at Local Market Launch, will be speaking at the MIT Enterprise Forum of the Central Coast on Wednesday, September 17th. The event, entitled SHIFT HAPPENS: Strategies for Adapting to Changing Market Conditions, focuses on how local technology companies achieve success in an ever changing business landscape.

Brian joins panelists, Mike Pugh, Vice President of Marketing for j2 Global, Inc., Albert Oaten, Vice President of Market Development for SecureDocs, and keynote speaker, Jason Spievak, CEO and co-founder of Invoca for an informative, solution-based series of presentations followed by a Q&A session.

The certainty of change is a topic that resonates with Brian. Throughout his career as an entrepreneur Brian has learned that planning and scheduling can only take a growing business so far. The key to success lies not in resisting change, but learning how to shift and adjust business strategies to remain relevant and competitive.

While change does pose challenges it is an excellent platform to evaluate your business’s strengths and weaknesses. Being cognizant of shifts in the market, new and emerging trends and advancements in technologies is crucial to seizing opportunities created by change, however, ultimately it is the companies willingness and ability to shift and adapt that allows it to capitalize on change.

Local Market Launch is excited to attend the MIT Enterprise Forum and hear insights from Brian and other participating industry leaders We hope to see you there. Let us know if you are attending, we would love to meet you. Contact Local Market Launch.

To find out more about the MIT Enterprise Forum of the Central Coast Event: SHIFT HAPPENS click here.