angela profile

What are some fun facts about you? 

  • My elbows are double jointed and I indulge in every opportunity to make Jeff, our VP Sales, disgusted by it. He has yet to appreciate my hidden talent.
  • I LOVE to watch movies. RedBox and Netflix are my best friends (sorry Tessa); nothing like some white wine and an awesome horror movie!
  • I can speak 4 languages: English, Mandarin Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, and Sarcasm
  • I am well-versed in extensive research on anything or anybody; if I weren’t working at Local Market Launch, I might as well be recruited by the CIA!


What is your favorite activity in Santa Barbara? 

Some people like to people-watch, but I like to walk down State Street and dog-watch. I am absolutely in love with dogs, cats, and all kinds of furry animals.

 If you could travel to one place and stay there for a month, where would it be and why?

I would return to Brazil because the weather is perfection: very warm (a prerequisite) and very sunny. More significantly, the Brazilian people are amazing and are unbelievably hospitablehuman beings! From the upcoming World Cup to the Summer Olympics, Brazil is an up-and-coming economic and political force and if I could, I’d be there to witness all of its progress and successes.

What is your favorite restaurant in Santa Barbara and why?

My entire family loves Japanese Cuisine, I’ve grown up eating it and loving it; definitely Edomasa!

What is your favorite quote and why? It can be inspirational, introspective or just plain imaginative!

“…the only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn…” – Jack Kerouac

Why should we vote for Local Market Launch for the Small Business Influencer Award?

Angela Tan

Being one of the beginning employees here at Local Market Launch, I have seen the company grow and develop, experienced what it was like “pre-Ping Pong Table era.” Throughout this time, I have only become more resolute about our company’s business model and especially the team we have put together. Our team has the “start-up” mentality engrained within us.

We run on copious amounts of coffee and optimism backed by market validation. We are always looking and incorporating only the best strategies to not only impact, but also fix the local search landscape. 

The transition from print advertising to digital media has proven to be a struggle for small businesses and in response, Local Market Launch has been actively building a QUALITY foundation for these SMBs to impact these different marketing platforms in order to provide these SMBs “phone rings and door swings.”