What are some fun facts about you?  

I am very big on family and am the youngest of three siblings. I have an older brother (31), an older sister (28), and two nephews (ages 10 and 6). When I’m not working at LML I like to spend my time digging through vinyl records at local record stores or even big record conventions out of town.

My favorite way to spend my free time is digging through my records for samples and producing hip hop instrumentals out of them. As far as TV goes, I enjoy watching The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, and both NCAA and NFL football games on weekends.

 What is your favorite activity in Santa Barbara?

My favorite activities in Santa Barbara would have to be hiking and playing soccer. I try to go hiking at least twice a month. In fact I have a book with over 80 hikes in the Santa Barbara area that I am currently trying to cross off one by one. Santa Barbara also has a great soccer culture, and it is very easy to go to a park and play a pick up game with total strangers if you have no one to go with.

If you could travel to one place and stay there for a month, where would it be and why?

Most people would call me crazy but if I could go anywhere for a month I would have to say, New York City. I have never been to the Big Apple but I would love to take a month to see all of it. I would particularly like to visit the Bronx and Brooklyn and really explore all the different food spots as well as music scene.

Brooklyn is the home of hip hop and I love how there are alway live performances from some of my favorite artists throughout the city on any night. Whether it be a a show at a music venue, a park, or a clothing store, there are always music and art related events going on in Brooklyn.

 What is your favorite restaurant in Santa Barbara and why?

My favorite restaurant would have to be the Vietnamese restaurant Saigon Noodle House in Goleta. They have the best seafood pho in town and every time I go eat they already know my order; you can’t beat great service!Emmanuel

 What is your favorite quote and why? 

My favorite quote is a latin saying: “Aut viam inveniam aut facciam”-either find a way or make one. This is a quote that I feel can be applied to everyday life, especially when working at a startup as we face unforeseen obstacles each day and the best way to overcome those obstacles is to either find a way or make one.