The top twitter accounts for certified marketing representatives (CMR)

A certified marketing representative (CMR) is a marketing agent, partnership, or corporation that has a special certification from the Local Search Association (LSA) to assist clients with national or regional Yellow Pages advertising. Formerly known as the Yellow Pages Association (YPA), the LSA sets requirements to obtain this certification which include meeting eligibility requirements and going through a series of training workshops.

Certified Marketing Representatives specialize in placing advertisements and crafting marketing campaigns for companies who have marketing needs in multiple states. They are trained to save time and money for clients by placing ads in strategic places and eliminating the vexatious need to communicate with multiple contacts of different advertisment publications. While placing a Yellow Page ad is an investment, the experience and expertise of a CMR can guide companies in reducing risk while yielding a larger return on investment.

Here is a list of some of the top CMR marketing firms and their twitter accounts, in no specific order:

AdGenio Twitter Follow Button
Berstein-Rein Advertising Twitter Follow Button
Berry Network Twitter Follow Button
DAC Group Twitter Follow Button
KTG Advertising Solutions Twitter Follow Button
Linkmedia 360 Twitter Follow Button
Michaels Wilder Inc. Twitter Follow Button
Starcom Media Group Twitter Follow Button
SMGdm Twitter Follow Button
TMG Marketing Twitter Follow Button
Marquette Group Twitter Follow Button

Here is the list on twitter: Top CMRs