The Top Newspaper and Publishing Group Twitter Accounts

The earliest form of newspapers date back to Ancient Rome, where government bulletins known as Acta Diurna were carved into metal or stone and put in public places.  However, it wasn’t until late 16th and early 17th century Europe that the concept of printed, dated, and regularly published articles was introduced. From then on, newspapers became the primary source of local and global information for a majority of the modern world until the introduction of a much more effective communication tool- the internet. The availability of information from online resources and social media has completely altered the way we consume and share news.

Though newspaper publication groups once relied on a business model solely involving print media, many are embracing the world of digital communication. You can find different publications promoting their most newsworthy articles through Twitter and other social media outlets.

Local Market Launch would like to present you with our ever-evolving list of Top Newspaper and Publishing Group Twitter Accounts, in no specific order:

Gannett Local
Tribune Co.
The New York Times
Hearst Corporation
Cox Enterprises
McClatchy Co.
The Washington Post Co.
E.W. Scripps Co.
Sun-Times Media Group
Morris Communications