On August 1st Edwin Nissanoff heads south to San Diego to attend and speak at the IFX Franchise and Supplier Summit. This conference is all about solutions! A myriad of actionable strategies will be outlined designed to educate the attendees on how to boost revenues, streamline operations and increase ROI.

Increasing exposure and maximizing revenues in the franchise industry comes with a unique set of obstacles. At Local Market Launch we understand that there is a fine balance between protecting and maintaining the franchise brand while simultaneously marketing and appealing to their local consumer base. Businesses listings management and local search optimization are crucial for franchises to maintain branding consistency and local market relevance.

Friday afternoon Edwin will participate in the Think Tank Session where he will discuss the advantages of franchises using the LML platform to maximize their visibility and increase their online presence. He will then receive valuable feedback from a panel of leading Franchise Executives, IFX’s management team and Supplier Summit audience attendees.

With an outstanding panel of franchise development experts there is no telling what new strategies and tools will come out of this conference.

Want to meet Edwin at the event? Let us know here: http://localmarketlaunch.com/#footer-widgets