Retailers Should Put Business Listings Management at the Top of Their Digital Marketing Shopping List

Retailers, more than any other industry in the U.S., invest significant marketing dollars in digital advertising. They already account for 22.3 percent of all digital ad spending. And this year, retailers are expected to increase their digital advertising spending by an additional 14 percent to $9.4 billion, according to eMarketer.

The lion’s share of retailers’ ad spending is allocated to direct response campaigns, aimed at generating sales. But what happens when the ad buy stops? Of course, so do the sales.

What’s more, sales and offers promoted through online advertising may generate sales at the expense of brand, margins and profitability—all before the advertiser has implemented even the most fundamental steps for getting found online by consumers who are already searching for the products they sell.

Business Listings Management Boosts Digital Marketing ROI

If you are a retailer, one of the single most important things you can do to increase the return on your digital marketing spend is to manage your business listing information. Take the basic steps needed to ensure customers discover you online, whenever and wherever they are searching for goods and services.

Customers want to shop locally, but if they can’t find your store online, or if your business information—like your store name, address or phone number—is out of date, they’ll go to another store.

With the growing number of search, social and directory sites publishing business listing information, retailers need to take steps to ensure they are listed everywhere, and that their information is accurate and consistent across all search platforms.

Whether you have a single store or multiple retail outlets, if you make business listings management an essential building block of your overall digital marketing strategy, you will quickly discover an increase in the overall effectiveness of your other marketing activities, and a higher return on those digital ad dollars you are spending.