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After unveiling Local Awareness Ads last year, two new Facebook tools have been added to help business of every size connect with the people in their area. The new tools make it easier for businesses with multiple locations to generate local ads and also gives businesses further insight into the traffic near their stores.

The first of the new Facebook tools is an update that allows businesses with multiple locations to use info from each of their Pages to add more dynamic content to their ads. This happens through the Locations for Pages tool that already connects and manages business Pages with multiple store locations. A business can also add links and call-to-action buttons to their ads. This enables the business to create an ad that’s localized for each individual store location.

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When Facebook revealed the new tool, it provided an example of how a business with multiple locations could benefit from the more dynamic ad functions:

“If a cafe with multiple locations in the Bay Area decides to run local awareness ads, they could choose to automatically populate the city name in their ad copy, depending on where the people seeing the ad are. So, people in Menlo Park would see “Join us for lunch in Menlo Park,” while people in San Francisco would see “Join us for lunch in San Francisco.” Call-to-action buttons are also dynamic, so when someone clicks on the “Call Now” or “Get Directions” button, they’re connected to the store currently closest to them.”

This update makes it a lot easier for ad targeting. Since each store Page has a specific address linked to it, a business can now choose the stores they want to run ads for and select the targeting radius around each of those locations. In addition, there are now ad reports are accessible for each location. This offers businesses more insight into their ad’s performance than ever before. The location specific ad reports show businesses which locations are performing the best, allowing them to zero in on their ad budget more efficiently.

The second tool features new updates to Page Insights. Facebook has added a new tab with information for local businesses about the foot traffic around each location. These Local Insights give businesses overall demographics and trends related to the groups of people nearby. By using this feature businesses with multiple locations can get a clearer understanding and adapt to the needs of customers in their area.

By using Local Insights, a business can determine trends and demographics of potential customers nearby. Image via

This tool gives businesses the ability to determine the area’s busiest days of the week or times of the day. A list of demographics from the area include age and gender, and if they are local residents or tourists as well.

Perhaps more importantly, this Page Insights tool shows a percentage of people in the area that have seen the ad, helping the business see how well their ads are reaching prospective customers. After a decent amount of ads businesses will be able to draw a connection between reaching more people in the area and achieving their desired advertising goals.

Both of these tools allow businesses to connect with their neighborhoods in a more efficient way and make generating highly effective Local Awareness Ads easier than ever.