Recently, Facebook has announced a new set of features for a Facebook Business Page that are tailored to help businesses build mobile presence and communicate with customers more easily. Since the number of mobile connections now exceeds the number of humans on the planet, it’s obvious that people are spending more time on their mobile devices. So it’s natural that people will expect to be able to do more from their cell phones and tablets. People want information that’s accessible anytime, and they want other people and businesses to reply to their messages asap. These trends have a huge impact on businesses, and emphasize the importance of making your business easily accessible on mobile devices.

There are over one billion people that visit a Facebook Business Page every month, with more than 45 million active Pages currently in use. Given the ever-increasing volume of local mobile searches, you can see why the social media giant addressed the mobile aspect of their Pages. The new changes reflect their belief that no matter what type of business you may have, your Facebook Business Page should house the information that people are looking for, help you communicate with customers, and support your unique goals.

First up, is a series of several call-to-action buttons on mobile devices. A call-to-action button brings a business’s most important objective to the front of its Facebook Business Page. Whether it’s to encourage people to browse an online shop or just to book an appointment, a call-to-action button is the easiest way to connect with your customers. The new and improved look of the buttons on mobile displays are bigger, brighter, and directly under your Page’s cover photo. New buttons currently being tested are “Call Now”, “Send Message”, and of course, “Contact Us.” In the near future, Facebook plans to roll out more call-to-action buttons that can further help businesses drive their own unique goals.


New call-to-action buttons on mobile devices are big and bright. Image: facebook.com

Secondly, Facebook has added new sections for Pages. Previously, each Facebook Business Page has largely been the same for every type of business. Newly added are a series of sections to Pages so that different types of businesses can feature information that is most important to their organization. A new “Shop” section allows retail businesses to bring their products to the forefront of their Page, and a “Services” section enables businesses to highlight a list of offerings at the top of their Page. Businesses can now add their services menu to their page, or showcase a line of products they sell. Understanding what products and services a business has to offer is key in getting consumers to decide to work with that business. Since different types of businesses have different needs and want to showcase different information, Facebook plans on building additional sections for Pages in the coming months, and also will feature a “Buy” button on the “Shop” section that’s powered by Shopify.


New Sections allow a business to display a list of offered services. Images: facebook.com

In addition to these new features, Facebook has revealed an improved Page layout. An updated page layout allows for easy access to information without a lot of scrolling and clicking. Each section of a Page will be given a corresponding tab, similar to how videos and photos have their own tabs. Facebook Business Page visitors can now click on the tab associated with the section to see more details. The Home tab will also contain highlights of each section, so pertinent information is readily available when someone first gets to a page. The new changes organize information a lot better, so consumers can get what they want quickly.

Let’s face it, people are hooked on mobile devices. As people spend more and more time on their phones and tablets, businesses need to adapt. They need to meet the consumer’s expectations of finding information and communicating with a business anytime, anywhere, on any device. These new updates to Facebook’s Business Pages allow companies to connect to consumers more easily by messaging, and by putting an emphasis on the information that helps a business reach their goals. More changes will be announced soon, and you can bet that a more streamlined approach that caters to mobile users will continue to be the first priority.

Imagery and Data courtesy Facebook Business Page Updates.