Aabaco-Small-BusinessAs one of the oldest companies online, Yahoo! Was once the best search directory on the internet. As times changed, the company restructured itself, eventually ditching the directory in 2014 for it’s more profitable ventures.

One of their most popular products was Yahoo Small Business. This service was used by many as a way to grow your online business and offered website creation, e-commerce, email and web hosting, and local and email marketing.

Now, in a recent statement on their site, Yahoo announced that – “Yahoo Small Business has officially been renamed Aabaco Small Business. We are currently a Yahoo business, but will become a part of Aabaco Holdings, Inc. (“Aabaco Holdings”) when it is spun off from Yahoo.” The statement has spurred a gain in the company’s stock value this week and is part of CEO Marissa Mayer’s strategy to restructure the brand and compete with Google and Facebook, the leaders in online advertising.

This infographic shows some of the changes Marissa Mayer made to Yahoo after becoming CEO of the brand. Her restructuring effort prompted an increase in the brand’s stock value that has held steady, until improving slightly this week.

The new company will still offers the same useful services that Yahoo Small Business did, but will add new upgraded features and improvements over time, allowing small businesses to perfect their website and marketing strategies, and develop a local online presence.

Currently, Aabaco Small Business already has some clever tools that can quickly get a business up and running online:

  • Website Hosting – This portion of the service offers easy-to-use tools and includes business mail accounts and a $100 credit coupon for search ads. It’s secure and reliable, has step-by-step guides, interactive features, and has no required downloads or special software. It also includes a mobile app, and either custom or template website designs.
  • Ecommerce Platform – These customizable templates allow a small business to quickly start an online store that looks professional on mobile and desktop devices. Accept payments immediately, and set up shipping integration with UPS. This portion of their service also offers an array of apps, SEO, and live insights.
  • Business Mail – This service includes a powerful mail interface with award-winning spam and security protection, unlimited email storage, customized domain name, an ad-free inbox, and 24/7 customer service support.
Aabaco Small Business offers sleek customizable website templates that are easy-to-use and reliable.

In short, this service is one of the easiest ways possible to create a website for a small business that has effective features and marketing tools. More changes are sure to come as ex-Googler Mayer makes things fit, and will undoubtedly include even more useful tools and new upgrades to existing ones.